We proudly offer the most thoroughly researched and highest quality test kits available - capable of detecting hundreds of substances from the most common to the utterly obscure.

Our kits utilize years of laboratory research conducted by our professional team in the U.S., Belgium, Spain, and Slovenia. We've diligently acquired and tested nearly every substance available on the market today and have used them to record over 1,500 reaction videos - all of which are available to you for free through our Vimeo channel and app.

Test Kits You Can Trust

Our spiral bound instruction booklets (which come with every kit) utilize these reaction videos, in time-lapse form, to show your desired substance reacting in real time exactly as the eye would see them. Not just arbitrarily chosen colors as other suppliers provide. Our Skylab Separation Kit even allows you to separate and identify mixed substance - in some cases even telling you how much of each chemical is present.

The Bunk Police mission is to remove dishonesty and uncertainty from the market and we've spent the better part of a decade perfecting our methods and working towards these goals.

Make the smart choice, and respect the research.

Choose Bunk Police test kits not only for simple reassurance - but to gain as much certainty as possible without sending your sample directly to a lab.


Why is it that we are the only company getting documentaries made of our work? Why are we the only one getting interviewed by world famous news agencies? Why are we the first ones that get asked for our opinion when something happens in the community?

No other testing kit company is doing what we do. We are the only ones traveling the country and educating the masses. We are the only ones putting money into research and innovation. We are the only ones with the resources to educate and drive change  in these increasingly dangerous times.

We have made a huge impact, and we are just getting started.