How To Test LSD

SKYLAB Separation Test Kits

How to Test LSD


Testing with just one or two spot kits for basic adulterant detection

If you can only purchase one spot kit, we recommend the Ehrlich Spot Test Kit. This kit is capable of positively identifying LSD, and detecting the difference between LSD and other substances like AL-LAD and ETH-LAD.

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Testing with our recommended, substance-specific packages for a thorough evaluation 

For comprehensive, accurate drug identification, as well as detection of cutting agents, we recommend our LSD Spot Kit Package. In comparison to using just one spot kit, this package provides more certainty when verifying a substance’s contents. It includes the Ehrlich and the Hofmann spot kits. Additionally, purchasing the package is more affordable than purchasing each spot kit individually. 

The Ehrlich test kit is the base staple for positively identifying LSD. It also distinguishes between LSD and other substances, such as AL-LAD and ETH-LAD.

The Hofmann test kit also positively identifies LSD, as well as detects DOM, 25iP-NBOMe, ETH-LAD, AL-LAD, and 25B-NBOMe, among others.

Confirming results with a second test kit is highly recommended, because it provides more accuracy when verifying a substance’s contents, and can even reveal the presence of otherwise hidden adulterants.

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Testing with our Skylab Separation Kit package for the most reliable results available without sending your sample to a laboratory

Our Skylab Separation Kits have the ability to separate mixed substances—allowing you to identify each different component of the mixture individually. A significant advantage of these kits is that they provide an approximate sense of how much of each substance is present—a feature otherwise only possible using full laboratory analysis.

For testing LSD with our separation kits, we recommend the Juno Separation Package, which includes the Ehrlich and Hofmann reagents, among many other useful spot kits. 

Alternatively, you could purchase the Curiosity (Pro Level) Separation Package, which includes both of the necessary spot kits, along with every other reagent available on our site—perfect for versatile testing in the future.

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For more information detailing the differences in our test kits, as well as instructions for how to use them, please visit the “Our Types of Test Kits’‘ page. For comprehensive instructions on how to use our Skylab Separation Test Kits, please refer to the “Skylab Separation Test Kit Basics” page.


Testing with our QTest Purity Test Kits for the concentration of active ingredient in a substance

QTests (or “quantitative tests”) are novel, highly advanced test kits for testing the purity or potency—the concentration of active ingredient—of a substance. 

For testing LSD for purity, we recommend the LSD QTest Kit. This single-use test kit detects LSD-25 and its concentration in blotter, liquid, and sugar cube form. With these test kits, you can determine the number of micrograms of LSD in your sample.

WARNING: In the context of these test kits, “purity” refers to the concentration of an active ingredient in a substance. Purity does NOT mean your substance is “clean,” or free from dangerous cutting agents or impurities. Always test your substance using Spot Kits and Fent Strips first, to identify your LSD and rule out fentanyl, along with other cutting agents. QTests are extremely useful in determining concentration, but they do not identify your substance, or rule out cutting agents.

Note: This test kit does not work on gel tabs, and does not react to 1P-LSD, 1cP-LSD, ALD-52 or ETH-LAD.

For comprehensive instructions on how to use our LSD QTest Kits, please refer to the QTest Basics page.

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