10 mini test tubes($5.00)

25 mini test tubes($10.00)

5 large test tubes($5.00)

25 large test tubes($15.00)

Ceramic testing platform($10.00)

    The Curiosity (Pro-Level) Separation Package is the COMPLETE Bunk Police package. It includes all nine of our spot test kits, a ceramic testing platform, the necessary supplies to conduct 60 separation (or TLC) tests. Each spot test kit comes with a 20+ page booklet containing several dozen reactions (and as many as 100+, depending on the kit) as well as extensive instructions, information, and tips & tricks. Each spot kit can be used 50-100 times. 


    • SPOT TEST KITS(1) bottle of Marquis reagent (50-100 uses)
      • (1) bottle of Ehrlich reagent (50-100 uses)
      • (1) bottle of Mecke reagent (50-100 uses)
      • (1) bottle of Froehde reagent (50-100 uses)
      • (1) bottle of Liebermann reagent (50-100 uses)
      • (1) bottle of Hofmann reagent (50-100 uses)
      • (1) bottle of Mandelin reagent (50-100 uses)
      • (1) bottle of Simon’s A reagent (50-100 uses)
      • (1) bottle of Simon’s B reagent (50-100 uses)
      • (1) bottle of Morris A reagent (50-100 uses)
      • (1) bottle of Morris B reagent (50-100 uses)
    • REUSABLE ITEMS(1) developing chamber
      • (1) UV spotting light
      • (1) instruction manual
      • (9) 20+ page instructional booklets w/ dozens of reactions
      • (1) pencil
      • (9) test tubes
      • (9) durable plastic jars
    • DISPOSABLE ITEMS(1) 500 ml bottle of testing liquid
      • (20) testing cards (capable of separating 60 samples)
      • (60) small vials
      • (60) glass tubes
      • (20) filter paper squares
    • FREE ITEMS(1) ceramic testing platform


    1. This is a two-part kit. Add Simon’s A to your sample first, then add Simon’s B to see the reaction.
    2. Simon’s does not react with our separation kit. It can still be used as instructed for reagent testing.


    1. This is a two-part kit and is unique compared to all other reagents we offer.You must crush/powderize your sample completely.
      1. After crushed, first add Morris A to your sample, then add Morris B.
      2. Stir the mixture for a full 30 seconds with a toothpick or sharp knife point.
      3. Observe and match the reaction. 
    2. At this time, we are unsure if Morris functions properly with our separation kits, but we are actively examining its reaction. You may use Morris on your sample as instructed above, but at this time, we do not recommend using it with our separation kit. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Erik C.
    Ita ok

    Really wish it came with better instructions on how to use the thing. I don't have a degree and am basically lost on how yo use it. Any pointer would be appreciated

    Corey h.
    Glad I bought!!

    Love this test kit! Works great comes with everything you need to make sure your safe and getting what your supposed to. Always make sure my family is ok. I lost someone close to me when they relapsed and it ended up being laced with 4 kinds of fet long story but be safe out there it's definitely not worth it I'd rather have the kit for my loved ones to use and be safe than be gone.



    Jake K.

    Amazing pictures of reactions colors and very nicely packaged. Work great.

    Very cool kit

    It is nice to have the basic reagent tests to know if something is mostly real. But if you don't start with chromatic separation the tests, you won't know for sure that it is pure and not a blend. With curiosity, you can identify each part of a blend separately. Awesome!