Drug Safety Test Kits & Alerts at Music Festivals

Since 2011, The Bunk Police has served as dedicated pioneers of harm reduction and drug testing availability at number of music festivals around the United States. Unfortunately, our presence and ability to openly promote drug safety has been challenging, specifically due to festivals abiding by antiquated, but stringent anti-drug legislation.

Our services have been forcibly shut down at over a dozen events, despite the need for accessible drug checking and improved safety being as strong as ever. With the staggering number of fentanyl-related overdoses continuing to climb, the public has had no other option but to accept harm reduction as a real solution. However, despite the improvement of public acceptance, music festivals are still disallowing our presence publicly—with some slowly beginning to recognize the importance of a harm reduction entity at their events. 

We’re steadfast in our goals, and our tactics and scope are only broadening—our fight for harm reduction and accessible drug testing is more crucial than ever.


BUNKBOT is a simple, yet incredibly powerful communication tool. To start, just text “SAFETY” to 1-888-NOT-BUNK (668-2865) and sign up to receive texts when we set up at the event(s) of your choice and start distributing kits on site, as well as when we are shut down by security and reopen elsewhere.

BunkBot Events

Once you’ve texted “SAFETY” to 1-888-NOT-BUNK, you can sign up for alerts at various events by texting the following keywords:

Electric Forest Music Festival – text “electricforest”

Lost Lands Music Festival – text “lostlands”

Summercamp Music Festival – text “summercamp”

Hulaween Music Festival – text “hulaween” 

Ultra Music Festival – text “ultra”

Okeechobee Music Festival – text “okee”

Backwoods Music Festival – text “backwoods” 

Electric Daisy Carnival – text “EDC”

Camp Bisco Music Festival – text “campbisco”

Peach Music Festival – text “peachfest”

Burning Man – text “burningman”

Imagine Music Festival – text “imaginefest”


If you would like us to consider adding an event to our list, please email bunkpolice@gmail.com with the name/website and any other important information.