The Bunk Police have had a heavy presence at music festivals throughout the United States since 2011. Unfortunately, as the industry has progressed, the days of events turning a blind eye to our presence or even openly allowing it have faded. We’ve been either asked to stop or have been thrown out of nearly half of the events that we’ve attended recently and the trend only seems to be getting worse.

The thought of calling it quits after struggling with this issue for years has occurred to all of us involved, but this work is far too important. The rise of fentanyl as well as the corporatization of the music festival industry has forced us to change tactics, broaden our scope, and turn up the volume.

Allow me to introduce the ace up our sleeves: BUNKBOT

BUNKBOT is a deceptively simple but incredibly powerful communication tool. When you text “bunk” to 555-888 you will be able to follow various events. After you follow an event you will be sent a text when we 1) set up and start distributing kits on site 2) are shut down by security and are re-opening elsewhere 3) find a particularly dangerous substance.

The last item is really powerful. This is an instant alert system that can operate at an event with limited cellular service. As soon as we (or you!) have a test come back positive for fentanyl everyone who has signed up for our service will be informed immediately with a thorough description of the substance / packaging / etc.. It is our hope that this will allow the word to spread quickly and hopefully stop any large-scale overdose event that may be occurring.

If you have had a positive fentanyl test at an event please come to our booth immediately.

Our tactics:

  1. Distribute posters / flyers / stickers with information about the BUNKBOT number and danger of fentanyl. If you would like to sign up to help distribute these items, you can do so by texting the following codes to 555-888. This will put you in a group that will be given instruction on when and where they can pick up promotional supplies. People that help out the cause will be compensate with free test kits / merch.
    SUMMERCAMP – text “scamp18”
    BONNAROO – text “roocroo18”
    PARADISO – text “paradiso19”
    ELECTRIC FOREST – text “forest18”
  2. Set up an obvious location and text everyone on following that event the coordinates. If security comes by, we will allow them to shut us down but will also film the encounter and ask a series of very difficult questions. At this point we will alert everyone in the area of our secondary location, which will be off the main path.
  3. At this second location we will have an attendant filter people and give out the real location a a few minutes away where kits will be available. If security comes by they’ll just act like they’re looking for The Bunk Police too…

We will eventually be branching out and allowing other people to use the BUNKBOT system at smaller events, meaning that they would purchase bulk test kits and would be provided with posters / stickers / flyers to spread the word. Once they have picked a location we would alert everyone following that event where they are set up.

If you are interested in participating in the BUNKBOT program at smaller events or have anything else to contribute, please contact bunkpolice@gmail.com