How to Test Mushrooms

How to Test Mushrooms


Testing with our QTest Purity Test Kits for the concentration of active ingredient in a substance

QTests (or “quantitative tests”) are novel, highly advanced test kits for testing the purity or potency—the concentration of active ingredient—of a substance.

For testing magic mushrooms for potency, we recommend the Psilocybin QTest Kit. This single-use test kit detects the concentration of psilocybin and psilocin in dried fungal material (solid or powdery mushrooms—mycelium, fruiting bodies, sclerotia “truffles,” or dried extracts). With these test kits, you can determine the percentage and milligram amount of psilocybin in your mushroom material.

The total will be given in terms of psilocybin, but rest assured, these results measure both the psilocybin and psilocin present.

Note: This test kit does not work with fresh mushrooms.


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For comprehensive instructions on how to use our Psilocybin QTest Kits, please refer to the QTest Basics page.