SKYLAB Separation Test Kits

LEVEL ONE – Testing with just one or two kits for basic adulterant detection

Due to the prevalence of fentanyl in cocaine samples we recommend that you use our Fentkits first and foremost to make sure fentanyl and its analogs are not present in your sample. A close second place for usefulness is our Marquis test kit – capable of detecting a wide range of cutting agents like methamphetamine, various cathinones (bath salts), 2-FMA, 4-FMA, and 2-FA among others.



LEVEL TWO – Testing with our recommended package for a much more thorough evaluation

If you’re looking to take it to the next level our Cocaine Spot Kit Package is the way to go. It comes with ten Fentkits, Marquis, Mecke, and Liebermann spot kits.

Mecke allows you to check for cathinones (bath salts), 4F-aPVP, Adderall, 2-FA, 2-FMA, methamphetamine, a-PVP, lidocaine, a-PHP, a-PVT, and 4-FMA, among others.

Liebermann allows you to check for cathinones (bath salts), 4-EMC, methylphenidate, a-PPP, 4-BMC, 4-MEC, ephedrine, 2-FA, 2-FMA, levamisole, methamphetamine, amphetamine, a-PVP, a-PHP, mexedrone, pentedrone, a-PVT, and 4-FMA, 4F-aPVP, and 3-MMC among others. Confirming results with a second or even third test kit is a great idea as it allows for different color reactions – possibly showing the presence of otherwise hidden adulterants.

Please note when purchasing the cocaine package that we intentionally do not offer a test kit that can positively identify cocaine. The kits listed above are designed to detect dangerous substances cut into cocaine which we find to be the most important objective. There are kits sold online (mostly to law enforcement officers) that claim to identify cocaine – such as the Scott’s and modified Scott’s. We throughly evaluated each and found that they will show a positive result when testing dozens if not hundreds of substances that are NOT cocaine. This renders them completely useless. We have no interest in providing a product that is so easily manipulated / fooled so we have chosen not to offer Scott’s and to stick with adulterant detection only.


LEVEL THREE – Utilizing our Skylab separation kit package for the most reliable results available without sending your sample to a laboratory

Our separation kits are designed to separate mixed samples BEFORE identifying them with spot kits. A huge advantage of this process is that you can even tell how much of each substance is present – otherwise only possible using full laboratory analysis.