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Our FentKits are the complete package for quick and easy fentanyl testing. Not only do they include our updated yellow fentanyl test strips (the most accurate, cutting-edge, and widely approved fentanyl test strips on the market), they also include all the necessary testing tools, along with easy-to-read, foldable instructions with each kit. No need to buy a milligram scale, containers to test in, or any measuring equipment. We’ve got you covered.

Each kit includes:

  • (10) Single-use fentanyl testing strips
  • (3) 5 ml measuring test tubes
  • (3) 10 mg measuring spoons
  • Thorough instructions for use
  • Convenient mylar envelope packaging
  • Free shipping


The best fentanyl test strips on the market: 

These new strips can detect fentanyl and most of its known analogs in any drug sample, and unlike other strips (such as the older, blue strips), they do not produce false positives with meth, MDMA, or cocaine that contains levamisole. They can also be used to test pressed ecstasy tablets. These strips utilize a superior antibody with greater specificity to fentanyl, and as a result, are the most reliable strips on the market for drug checking and harm reduction purposes.

Please read the instructions carefully. These strips work differently than the older, blue strips. For dilution ratios and more information, see our How to Test Fentanyl page.

CAUTION! Fentanyl test strips from other sources may not detect all necessary fentanyl analogs. Some versions (mostly of Chinese origin) may not function at all.

Special thanks to the respected harm reduction organization, DanceSafe, for allowing us to adapt their instructions and bring these amazing strips to our community!

(Lower prices available for certain types of organizations – visit wholesale info page for more)

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Griffin L.

Love em

Barbara K.

So glad these strips are easy and got them really fast. i have a child in middle school and these days you can't ignore the danger. This gives me peace of mind if i ever have to use it.

Umi S.A.

I have now tried these twice since discovering the site. They are great And makes having fun safe


Amazing and easy to read!!

Chris G.
Fetinal test strips

Absolutely amazing works perfect