Bunkleaks App

Bunkleaks App

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Is this substance reacting how it should? Is it even what it claims to be? Or is it something entirely different? The Bunk Police want to help you find out. 

The Bunk Police’s premium app, Bunkleaks, allows for the easiest, most accurate substance reaction interpretation while using a Bunk Police test kit. Bunkleaks provides unlimited access to over 1,300 lab-verified reaction videos for a comprehensive comparison and thorough evaluation of how a substance should react. 

When you’re testing a substance with a Bunk Police test kit, watch your substance react in real time along with the Bunkleaks example video to see if the color reaction is the same. If it is, your substance is likely what it claims to be. For closer evaluation, you can even record your reaction and directly compare how your substance reacts next to our verified substance reaction videos. 

Aside from our reaction videos, Bunkleaks provides information on The Bunk Police’s cutting edge harm reduction products and test kits. It also gives access to multiple FAQs, as well as testing tips and tricks—allowing the most accurate and readable results possible. 

UPDATE: The app is up and running once again! After discovering that YouTube deleted The Bunk Police’s channel (along with every reaction video), each one has been re-rendered and uploaded to The Bunk Police’s Vimeo channel. Don’t worry, in-app videos will play as expected! Please disregard outdated reviews stating that the videos will not play on Bunkleaks.