How Do Bunk Police Kits Work?


Our easiest and most reasonably priced option comes with one bottle of liquid, a test tube, and a spiral bound booklet which contains instructions and a color change guide.

To use these kits:

  1. Place a very small amount of your substance in the test tube.
  2. Add one or two drops of the liquid.
  3. A color change will take place over the course of a minute.
  4. Match this color change to the color guide or our reaction videos.

We carry eight spot kits that are useful in different ways depending on which substance you’re testing. Some of these kits can positively identify substances like MDMA or LSD. Others are only for detecting dangerous cutting agents and will not change color unless these cutting agents are present.

Every color change seen in our booklets are also available to you in video form through our Android app and Vimeo channel – allowing you to watch a verified pure sample react in real time as you conduct your test.

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You can both identify your substance and also test it for cutting agents. This often requires more than one type of spot kit. Our Apollo packages contain multiple spot test kits, providing a much more thorough analysis as well as increased accuracy. These packages, like this one for MDMA, include several kits chosen specifically for testing one type of substances. We also have mix-packs available like our Cosmos Pro-Level Package that cover several different substances.

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We offer sensitive test kits designed specifically to detect fentanyl and many of its analogs. These kits are capable of detecting less than 1/1,000,000th of a gram of fentanyl in a sample.

Here’s how they work:

  1. Dissolve your substance in water.
  2. Dip a test strip into the water.
  3. Read the results (works almost like a pregnancy test)
  4. If only one line appears then fentanyl is present. Two lines is negative.

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Skylab separation kits have the ability to separate mixed substances – allowing you to identify each different component of the mixture individually. A huge advantage of these kits is that you can even tell how much of each substance is present, which is otherwise only possible using full laboratory analysis.

This relatively simple process only takes about 20 minutes and is sensitive down to the microgram for some substances, allowing you to detect and quantify even tiny amounts of dangerous cutting agents.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Place your substance on the edge of a “card” made of aluminum and silica.
  2. Place this card in a small amount of our special developing liquid.
  3. The developing liquid will slowly travel up the card, carrying your sample with it. This process separates the different components (cutting agents, etc.) that are present.
  4. Remove the card and allow it to dry for a few minutes.
  5. Use the included black light to see where each component is on the card.
  6. Use our spot test kits (mentioned above) to identify these substances directly on the card.

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