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    The Cosmos (Pro-Level) Spot Kit Package includes all nine of our spot kits! It is capable of accurately identifying 100+ separate substances, and covers our entire library of 1,500+ online video reactions. Each spot test kit comes with a 20+ page booklet containing several dozen reactions (and as many as 100+, depending on the kit) as well as extensive instructions, information, and tips & tricks. Each spot kit can be used 50-100 times. 


    • (1) bottle of Marquis reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (1) bottle of Mecke reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (1) bottle of Ehrlich reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (1) bottle of Mandelin reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (1) bottle of Froehde reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (1) bottle of Liebermann reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (1) bottle of Hofmann reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (1) bottle of Simon’s A reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (1) bottle of Simon’s B reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (1) bottle of Morris A reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (1) bottle of Morris B reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (9) test tubes
    • (9) 20+ page instructional booklets w/ dozens of reactions
    • (9) durable plastic jars


    1. This is a two-part kit. Add Simon’s A to your sample first, then add Simon’s B to see the reaction.


    1. This is a two-part kit and is unique compared to all other reagents we offer.
      1. You must crush/powderize your sample completely.
      2. After crushed, first add Morris A to your sample, then add Morris B.
      3. Stir the mixture for a full 30 seconds with a toothpick or sharp knife point.
      4. Observe and match the reaction. 

    Consider grabbing some mini test tubes for testing on-the-go, or a ceramic testing platform for eco-friendly reusability!

    Plus, our plastic jars double as stash jars—see product photos for more info. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 86 reviews
    Connor A.
    Great test results

    Thank you

    Chase A.
    High quality

    The booklets are very helpful. I ordered glass because it contained more, but honestly it probably didn't matter since i sometimes get double drops. Morris is a very good one to have that not everyone is aware of.
    One test that would be nice that i couldn't find in the US is Zimmermann. This test would help many people today, as counterfeit presses that are actually unknown RCs have taken over the market. Please add this test.
    Otherwise, great US test supplier. Very thorough booklets. Used properly, this kit gives more accurate results than many professional services will.

    Patrick G.


    Craig M.
    Great product

    Happy with the product. Great customer service. There was an issue with one of the bottles leaking, however, Bunk Police have sent out a new one straight away 🙂

    All around perfect

    I was super impressed with the bunk police cosmos kit. I love how they give you a super detailed booklet with each chemical. The storage for the chemicals is amazing. You just keep the mini bottle in the larger jar it came in. So, when you put them in freezer for storage and they happen to leak, it won’t go all over your food/freezer! I’ll never buy from another company again. Thank you bunk police for saving lives!!!

    Marquis Reaction Booklet PDF Download

    Ehrlich Reagent Reaction Booklet

    Liebermann Reagent Reaction Booklet

    Hofmann Reagent Reaction Booklet

    Froehde Reagent Reaction Booklet

    Mandelin Reagent Reaction Booklet

    Mecke Reagent Reaction Booklet

    Simons Reagent Reaction Booklet