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    Can you provide help with the testing process, or interpreting test results?

    We are unable to offer direct advice on what you are testing. However, we have provided extensive information on our site to best assist you with any question that might arise. 

    • Questions about which kit to use:
      1. Our Types of Test Kits
      2. Start > Which Kit Should I Use? > Choose the substance you are testing. 
    • Questions about using the kits, interpreting results, or color change reactions:
      1. Our Types of Test Kits
      2. Spectrum Color Guides 
      3. Skylab Separation Test Kit Basics 

    Still unsure? 

    If you still cannot find what you’re looking for, there is a public Reddit community that may be able to help.

      1. Reddit Wiki
      2. Reddit Forum

    On this public community forum, you can post your specific question with photos and details about your situation—the community typically provides wonderful assistance. Please do not post Bunk Police order / product questions on this public forum.