LSD QTest Kit


    This single-use test kit determines the purity of your LSD—how many micrograms of LSD are in each square of blotter, drop of liquid, or sugar cube.


    • (1) Set of protective gloves
    • (1) Plastic dropper bottle with colored cap (detection reagent)
    • (1) Glass vial with screw lid (extraction vial)
    • (1) Plastic blister with twist-and-tear-off tip, containing developer solution
    • (1) Evaluation color chart 

    Please read the instructions and safety information carefully before testing.

    In the context of these test kits, “purity” refers to the concentration of an active ingredient in a substance. Purity does NOT mean your substance is “clean,” or free from dangerous cutting agents or impurities. Always test your substance using Spot Kits and Fent Strips first, to identify your LSD and rule out fentanyl, along with other cutting agents. QTests are extremely useful in determining concentration, but they do not identify your substance, or rule out cutting agents.

    This kit detects LSD-25 and its concentration in blotter, liquid, and sugar cube form. It does not work with gel tabs, and does not react to 1P-LSD, 1cP-LSD, ALD-52 or ETH-LAD.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Richter B.
    My Lucy is weak… but at least she’s there :*)

    Was really surprised to found out my liquid vials are only 25-50ug per drop. I knew they were on the weak side (<100ug) but not by that much! It’s to cool finally have a more objective measurement for such a hard-to-measure chemical. Definitely needed in a world where everyone claims “these tabs are 250ug bro, trust”

    jebidia j.
    tip top mcgoo

    this thing is awesome and 100% changes the whole game now. never have i been able to distinguish between analouges and then as an added bonus itll even tell you how much you got. hell i would pay 25$ for a test that could just distinguish between analouge but you got both goin on here. thats perfect, thank you very much for this.