MDMA QTest Kit


    This single-use test kit determines the purity of your MDMA—how many milligrams are in your powder or crystalline MDMA, or how many milligrams are in a pressed ecstasy tablet.


    • (1) Set of protective gloves
    • (1) Large glass vial with white lid (detection vial)
    • (1) Thin glass vial with black lid (extraction vial)
    • (1) Pipette 
    • (1) Evaluation color chart 

    Please read the instructions and safety information carefully before testing.

    WARNING: In the context of these test kits, “purity” refers to the concentration of an active ingredient in a substance. Purity does NOT mean your substance is “clean,” or free from dangerous cutting agents or impurities. Always test your substance using Spot Kits and Fent Strips first, to identify your MDMA and rule out fentanyl, along with other cutting agents. QTests are extremely useful in determining concentration, but they do not identify your substance, or rule out cutting agents.

    This test kit detects MDMA and its concentration in pill (pressed tablets of any color), powder, and crystalline form. This kit does not work with liquids. This kit will react similarly with MDA, 6-APB and 5-MAPB, but it is not accurate with these substances. 

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