Xylazine Test Strips



Our Xylazine Test Strips are the industry standard for testing any opioid for this dangerous adulterant. Manufactured by W.H.P.M, these strips are capable of detecting even tiny, microgram levels of xylazine, and do not produce false positives, even if the sample contains high concentrations of fentanyl, heroin, diphenhydramine, alprazolam, diazepam, etizolam, oxycodone, hydrocodone, or lidocaine.



  • Single-use xylazine testing strips
  • Packaged in a mylar envelope
  • 1 instruction sheet is included free of charge for every 10 strips in your order. More instructions are available for purchase at $.07/sheet + shipping. 
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These Xylazine Test Strips should ONLY be used to test opioids. When xylazine has been detected in non-opioid substances, such as cocaine and methamphetamine, it has consistently been found alongside fentanyl. As a result, we do not recommend screening non-opioid substances for xylazine at this time. For non-opioids, it is enough to test for fentanyl alone.

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