SprayPack is your safe and simple way to create custom-mixed nasal sprays to your exact specifications. With SprayPack, you can control your exact dosage per spray, and ensure a sterile solution from the start.

    Please read full instructions and safety information before using SprayPack!


    • (1) SprayPack nasal spray bottle
    • (6) Saline Bullets (5 ml per bullet)
    • (1) Dose Chart
    • (1) Prism Pick
    • (1) Funnel
    1. Use the provided Dose Chart to choose your desired dose per spray.
    2. Measuring your substance:
      1. If your substance is in powder or crystalline form, use a milligram scale to properly weigh your substance.
      2. If your substance is in pill form, check the number of milligrams per pill, and select the number of pills for the properly desired dose.
    3. If your substance is in pill or crystalline form, crush the substance into a fine powder to ensure it will thoroughly dissolve.
    4. Unscrew the nozzle of the SprayPack nasal spray bottle.
    5. Position the provided funnel in the opening of the SprayPack bottle. Pour your substance into the funnel opening, and use the provided Prism Pick to push the remaining residue into the bottle.
    6. Find the provided Saline Bullets (5 ml per bullet). Crack apart the number of Saline Bullets needed for the proper dose.
    7. Twist the cap off each Saline Bullet and pour the desired amount into the SprayPack bottle (noting the measurement lines on the side of the bullets to aid in measurement).
    8. Completely screw on the SprayPack nozzle and ensure it is closed tightly.
    9. Vigorously shake the SprayPack bottle to combine and thoroughly dissolve your substance with the saline solution.
    10. To administer, place the tip of the nozzle in one nostril, pointed slightly away from the center of your nose.
    11. Press the nozzle and lightly sniff the mist. Do not repeat in the other nostril unless an additional spray completes the desired dose.


    SprayPack Dosing Chart


    Full example: 

    Let’s say you have ½ gram of a substance. First, find the section that says “If mixing a half gram (500 mg).” Crush and pour the ½ gram of your substance into your empty SprayPack nasal spray bottle.

    You’ve decided that around 10 mg per spray seems like the right dose for you. In the middle of that ½ gram section, find where it says 10 mg per spray. To achieve this dose per spray, look to the left of that line—it says you would need approximately 6 ml of saline.

    Each provided Saline Bullet is 5 ml. So, you break off one Saline Bullet, open the top, and pour all of it into the SprayPack bottle with your substance. Then, you break off another 5 ml Saline Bullet (taking note of the measurement marks on the side). Each mark represents 1 ml. You open that bullet, and pour just 1 ml more of saline into your bottle. You discard the remaining partially-used Saline Bullet.

    After closing and shaking the bottle, you’re done! Your SprayPack bottle will spray 48 times, with each spray administering approximately 10 mg of your substance.

    • Avoid spraying in the eyes.
    • Before each use, shake the bottle thoroughly to evenly distribute your substance in the saline solution.
    • Rinse and clean the SprayPack bottle and nozzle with soap and water between uses. Then, spray the soap and water mixture through the device. Repeat this step with fresh water to thoroughly rinse.
    • SprayPack is only for use with water-soluble substances in powder, pill, or crystalline form that can be administered nasally.
    • Consult a medical professional before using SprayPack with any active ingredients.
    • Our provided Saline Bullets consist of a 0.9% sodium chloride solution, and do not contain preservatives or bacteriostatic agents. Consult a medical professional before using SprayPack saline.
    • Do not use Saline Bullets past expiration date, even if unopened.
    • Store unopened Saline Bullets indoors, in a cool, dry place.
    •  The recommended use of SprayPack is within one week. It is possible for your SprayPack mixture to expire or lose potency over time (after the saline is opened and the substance is combined). Refrigerating your SprayPack mixture could potentially slow down bacteria growth and the aging process, but expiration is variable and this has not been explicitly proven. If your SprayPack mixture is exposed to heat, sunlight, or moisture, we do not recommend using it.
    • SprayPack is not for illicit substance use.

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    Like the first time hitting a cart if you know what I mean. Buy.

    Alex M.
    Easy to use

    My friend showed me how to use it so it was super easy, but the instructions included are very thorough and precise. Thanks!

    Alan S.

    Everything you need, perfect strat

    SPRAYPACK KIT is excellent, highly recommended!

    SPRAYPACK KIT is excellent, highly recommended! I've even bought several more of them to give to friends, they are awesome!

    Ryan P.
    Purity test for cocaine ?

    I bought this thinking it had a purity test and don’t so I bout this for no reason lol