Our easiest and most reasonably priced option is one bottle of liquid that changes colors when you combine it with a very small amount of your substance.

We carry eight types that change colors in different ways depending on which substance you add to them. Just put your sample in a test tube, add a few drops of the liquid, and match the color change up to the colors in the spectrum booklet that comes with every kit. That’s it – you’re done in less than five minutes.

You can also use our 1,500+ color change (or reaction) videos found on this site or through our Bunkleaks Android app.

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We offer test kits specifically designed to detect fentanyl and many of its analogs. They’re just as easy to use as our spot test kits, but function a little bit differently:

-Dissolve your substance in water.
-Dip a test strip into the water.
-Read the results on the strip (works almost like a pregnancy test)

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A more thorough/accurate (and just as easy) option is to use the spot test kits mentioned above – but using more than one type of liquid so you can cross-reference and confirm your results.

The more reactions you have to compare, the more accurate your results become. Our Apollo packages are assembled for this exact purpose. These packages come with two or more of different types of liquid custom selected to detect certain substances.

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Our most precise method for testing at home uses the liquids mentioned above but also has the ability to separate mixed substances beforehand with incredible efficiency. Here’s how it works:

-Place your substance on the edge a “card” made of aluminum and silica.
-Place that card in a small amount of our special developing liquid, called an eluent.
-That liquid will slowly travel up the card carrying your sample with it. This will separate the different components (cutting agents, etc.) in your sample depending on how well they bond with the silica on the “card.”
-Use a black light to see where the components all end up on the card afterwards.
-Use the different spot test kits mentioned above to identify them directly on the card.
This process only takes about 15 minutes and it’s incredibly accurate, allowing you to detect even tiny amounts of dangerous substances in your sample.

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