10 mini test tubes($5.00)

25 mini test tubes($10.00)

5 large test tubes($5.00)

25 large test tubes($15.00)

Ceramic testing platform($10.00)

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    The Ketamine Spot Kit Package includes the four necessary kits to accurately identify ketamine. Each spot test kit comes with a 20+ page booklet containing several dozen reactions (and as many as 100+, depending on the kit) as well as extensive instructions, information, and tips & tricks. Each spot kit can be used 50-100 times. 


    • (1) bottle of Mecke reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (1) bottle of Liebermann reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (1) bottle of Froehde reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (1) bottle of Morris A reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (1) bottle of Morris B reagent (50-100 uses)
    • (4) test tubes
    • (4) 20+ page instructional booklets w/ dozens of reactions
    • (4) durable plastic jars


    1. This is a two-part kit and is unique compared to all other reagents we offer.
      1. You must crush/powderize your sample completely.
      2. After crushed, first add Morris A to your sample, then add Morris B.
      3. Stir the mixture for a full 30 seconds with a toothpick or sharp knife point.
      4. Observe and match the reaction. 

    Consider grabbing some mini test tubes for testing on-the-go, or a ceramic testing platform for eco-friendly reusability!

    Plus, our plastic jars double as stash jars—see product photos for more info. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Tee M.
    Bunk police is legit.

    Everything works as described.

    Brandon S.
    Great quality will use again

    Great quality I'm very happy with the kit, I had elevated chems before and were throwing false positives I'll never use them again and will continue to go through bunk police now for test kits

    James S.
    Good Packaging Great Customer Service.

    There was a problem with my order and they were able to help me quickly.

    Good product good customer service

    Received kits quick and customer service is really good.

    Derrick A.
    I'm almost 40 and been with BP since the beginning.

    Buy everything, the ceramic plate, get all the acids and they each come with a booklet soooo much fun testing anything and everything then leaving real reviews make sure you mention Bunk Police. We are one, ohm.


    This means that your reaction matched the spectrum and you can move down and left to use the next spot test kit.


    This means that there was no notable color change. THIS IS A POSITIVE THING. The substance you were trying to identify was not supposed to react, but other adulterants (cutting agents) would have shown up instead if they were present. No reaction means that those adulterants were not present and you can move down and left to the next spot kit.


    This means that your reaction was IN SOME WAY DIFFERENT than the expected reaction on the spectrum. At this point, you know that you either have a completely different substance from what you were expecting or an adulterated one. Returning or discarding the sample is the best course of action at this point although it is possible to use additional tests in order to tentatively identify the substance.