Resistbot Makes Fighting For Your Cause Easier Than Ever

Resistbot Makes Fighting For Your Cause Easier Than Ever

The U.S. political system can often feel like an enormous, overwhelming mess. Corruption, red tape, antiquated laws, and worst of all—a total inability to get anything done. Especially amongst younger generations, Americans seem to be discouraged from participating in even the most fundamental political structures. In 2020, only 50% of those aged 18-29 voted in the presidential election. 

The Bunk Police is no stranger to the frustration with outdated laws, slow-moving government processes, and a misunderstanding of crucial public safety issues. Even when changes are being made with public perception and education, the larger legal and governmental systems in place make it difficult to ensure drug checking equipment is available, accessible, and universally legal. 

Regardless of participation with, trust of, or total abstention from the political system, it is clear that fresh perspectives are more needed than ever. But with the complicated structures in place, and the excruciating pace the government moves, how can anyone make their voice heard?

It has seemed near impossible…until now.

Use Resistbot to contact all your officials at once

Send the word RESIST to the bot on Apple Messages, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram or by text to the phone number 50409.

Answer the questions the bot texts you, and in two minutes, you’ll have sent a letter to your elected officials. You do not need to look up who your representatives are or write or call each of them. Resistbot does it all for you (it will even write the letter for you if you want) and delivers electronically, via fax, or postal mail.

What is Resistbot?

Before the nonprofit organization, Resistbot, launched in 2017, the main options for supporting a cause or fighting for something you believe in were limited. You could write a letter to your representatives and mail it in, leave a message on one of the many oversaturated government phone lines, or write in using an email form on your representative’s website. These options require tracking down addresses, phone numbers, or websites of each individual representative you wish to contact, and taking time to draft letters and leave detailed messages.

Though possible, the barrier to making these efforts is high, and many believe the time it takes to do them does not equate the result received. However, Resistbot has successfully cracked the code—revolutionizing the process of taking a stand for what you believe in. 

Text Resistbot to send letters to your government representatives.

Resistbot makes contacting your representatives simple, effective, and absolutely worth your time. With Resistbot, you simply text “resist” to 50409 and it will both write a letter for you, and contact all of your representatives at once—in less than 5 minutes time. Resistbot can be contacted through iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or SMS text.

Write Letters with AI Using Resistbot

When you send “resist,” or any of these useful keywords to Resistbot, it will reply with a few quick questions to understand the cause you’re fighting for, and your position on the matter. It will give you the option to either enter a personal letter, or have Resistbot write one for you with its generative AI feature. If you choose the AI feature, you simply send an article that explains the issue, list your position on the matter, and Resistbot will do the rest. It will then give you options for which government body to send it to, and if you want to make your letter available for the public to support. 

Be advised: If you are using the SMS text option, there is a 140 character limit (per text) for sending a letter manually, so you have to enter your letter piece by piece. The other messaging options do not have this limitation.

Does Resistbot Actually Work?

From a perspective of legitimacy, Snopes fact-checked Resistbot on two separate occasions, concluding that not only does it work as easily as it claims, but users will often even receive emails and responses from their contacted representatives within minutes. 

The organization only seems to be growing in popularity. The founders of Resistbot are adamant about their mission to drive citizen engagement in government issues, increase voter participation, and ultimately, allow for a better-informed and educated public. 

The proof is in the numbers, and Resistbot’s efforts seem to be paying off. During the 2018 midterms, Analyst Institute ran an academic control-group study on Resistbot, concluding that the voter turnout program, “was highly cost-effective and able to generate an impressive number of net voters, surpassing the performance of many other programs in midterm election cycles.”

Resistbot seems to be shaking up the democratic landscape—allowing change to be made more simply than ever.

What else can Resistbot do?

Not only does Resistbot allow citizens to contact their local and national representatives, it also offers a number of other functions.

Users can look at trending campaigns, and see what other people are sending letters about and trying to gain support for. Resistbot makes it easy to “sign” important petitions, join existing efforts, and even launch new campaigns to help crucial issues gain traction. 

Resistbot also offers updates and reports on valuable information and verified data for those who want to stay informed. It also extends into locating community resources, volunteer opportunities, and voting help.

A hexagon-patterned map of the United States, showing the active state petitions.

Support the Legalization of Drug Test Kits & Fentanyl Test Strips

The Bunk Police community is always asking for ways to support our effort in making drug checking kits more accessible and available. Aside from using our test kits, Resistbot is the perfect way to show support. You can easily contact local, state, and national representatives to join the fight for the legalization of drug test kits, fentanyl test strips, and more. Supporting on a governmental level not only legitimizes the cause, it also shows the widespread need for these tools and resources, and the existing community it serves. 

We’ve put together these resources to help you learn about your state’s legal status on drug checking equipment (DCE), harm reduction, and fentanyl test strips. We’ve also written up letter templates to send using Resistbot, along with state-by-state templates to personalize your issue. Spread the word, and join the movement towards saving lives!

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