Sweet Spot


Follow threads of emotional sustenance as you play, reflect, and get closer. Inspired by empathogens, Sweet Spot is designed to build on moments of joy with friends and loved ones.


This kit contains everything you need to fill a trip or roll — apart from any substance you wish to pair with it — and you can pick and choose from activities, objects, and guidance intended to support a vibrant journey. Sweet Spot includes:

  • An opening ceremony
  • Twenty-five illustrated activity cards
  • Ten sets of objects (see full contents below)
  • Music, videos, and meditations to deepen your journey
  • Safety information and guidance



Who: 2–6 people

Good for: Newcomers and experienced travelers

Pairs best with: A full dose of empathogens or cannabis (dosage info)

Duration: 3–6 hours

Where: A cozy space

You’ll need:

  • Water
  • Substance pairing (optional)

Are there drugs in the kit? No



  • Toroflux/kinetic spring
  • Stethoscope (to truly be heard)
  • 2x eye masks/blindfolds
  • 6x adjustable hug rings
  • Small electric fan
  • A large extra-soft scarf
  • Scalp massager
  • 2x mochi squish creatures
  • 3x neon face/body paint pens
  • Pop Rocks
  • 6x completable “Certificates of Belonging”

Each item has a corresponding Activity Card with a playful shared activity using that item

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