Field Day


Engage your mind and senses with new spins on over a dozen classic trip toys alongside ceremony, playful activities, and conceptual provocations.

Field Day is an easygoing trip, great for two or more friends, and can be enjoyed anywhere you bring it.



Pick and choose from activities, objects, and guidance intended to support a playful and friendly psychedelic journey with:

  • An opening ceremony
  • More than a dozen classic trip toys (see full contents below)
  • A booklet of activities
  • The Little Book of Thought Experiments
  • Music, videos, and meditations to deepen your journey
  • Safety information and guidance



Who: 2–8 people

Good for: Newcomers and playful trips

Pairs best with: A common dose of psychedelics, or cannabis (dosage info)

Duration: 3–6 hours

Where: Anywhere

You’ll need:

  • Water
  • Lighter or matches (optional)
  • Substance pairing (optional)

Are there drugs in the kit? No



  • 10-20x temporary tattoos
  • Large bubble wand
  • Laser light with changeable diffracting star pattern
  • 4x small mirrors (silver, black, and gold)
  • 2x diffraction glasses
  • 2x tinted glasses
  • Kaleidoscope prism glasses
  • Kalimba/thumb piano
  • Ornate magnifying glass
  • 2x sticks of unusual incense + incense holder
  • Neon silly putty
  • Spirograph set
  • 3x colorful dual tip pens
  • 4x coloring pages with psychedelic art
  • 4x colorful blank sheets for art/letters/notes
  • Small flashlight

Activity booklet contains playful and creative activities for each item

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