The Bunk Police were founded in 2011 when the flood of “research chemicals” had just begun – we were the first test kit company in the U.S. and now proudly lead the worldwide market in research and innovation, having acquired and evaluated nearly every novel psychoactive substance currently on the market.

We certainly had humble beginnings – throwing duffel bags full of test kits over fences in the middle of the night at music events in the name of harm reduction. Now we’ve evolved into an initiative that spans the globe and has a significant impact on the substance market as a whole.

We’ve worked tirelessly to set up manufacturing facilities in strategic locations on multiple continents enabling us to put a test kit in your hands quickly, efficiently, and for a reasonable price – no matter where you reside.

Australia? India? Russia? Taiwan? South Africa? Chile? The Emirates?

No problem. If you have an address, then yes, we can ship to you. To this day we have successfully delivered to well over 100 countries and counting.

Much to our delight, we have also inspired thousands of brave individuals to follow our lead in the name of something so clearly positive for everyone involved – Test Kits. Our end goal is to destroy dishonesty in the substance market and it’s more than possible with your help.

-=Adam Auctor=-

Founder and CEO – The Bunk Police