The Bunk Police have had a heavy presence at music festivals throughout the United States since 2011. Unfortunately, as the industry has progressed, the days of events turning a blind eye to our presence or even openly allowing it have faded. We've been shut down at nearly half of the events we’ve attended recently and the trend only seems to be getting worse. Other harm reduction organizations struggle to even get their foot in the door. We bring harm reduction services to any event regardless of if we are welcome or not.

The thought of calling it quits after struggling with this issue for years has certainly occurred, but our work is far too important to give up now. The rise of fentanyl as well as the corporatization of the music festival industry has forced us to change tactics, broaden our scope, and turn up the volume.


BUNKBOT is a deceptively simple yet incredibly powerful communication tool. To start, just text “bunk” to 555-888 and you can sign up to receive texts when:

1) We set up at the event(s) of your choice and start distributing kits on site.

2) We are shut down by security and re-open elsewhere.

3) We find an adulterated or otherwise dangerous substance.

The last item is the real game-changer. BUNKBOT serves as an instantaneous substance alert system that can operate at any event, even with limited cellular service. As soon as a particularly dangerous substance is submitted, everyone who has signed up with BUNKBOT for that event will be informed immediately via text with a description of the substance / packaging / dealer / etc.. This allows word to spread quickly with the goal of stopping any large-scale overdose event that may be occurring. We’ve already been successful in using this system to track down and remove several fentanyl-in-cocaine dealers from events across the U.S..


The BUNKBOT system relies on users reporting adulterated or otherwise dangerous substance – in order to do so, simply text as much info about the substance / tests performed as possible to 555-888. If you’re not already signed up, text “bunk” to that number first before you start sending us info.

Please send the event name, location, type of drug, type of test kit(s) used, and pictures of the drug / baggie / dealer / test results. We are not able to send out a text alert for every report we receive as the messaging charges stack up quickly and we do not want to create a panic amongst attendees. We will, however, send out alerts for particularly dangerous substances and especially FENTANYL.

All other submissions will be posted at for open discussion.

(if you would like information about donating to support the BUNKBOT system please check out the info at the bottom of the page)


Once you’ve texted “bunk” to 555-888 you can sign up for alerts at various events by texting the following keywords:

Ultra Music Festival – text “ultra”

Backwoods Music Festival – text “backwoods” 

Electric Daisy Carnival – text “EDC”

Summercamp Music Festival – text “summercamp” 

Backwoods Music Festival – text “backwoods”

Bonnaroo Music Festival – text “bonnaroo” 

Electric Forest Music Festival – text “electricforest”

Camp Bisco Music Festival – text “campbisco”

Peach Music Festival - text "peachfest"

Burning Man – text “burningman”

Lost Lands Music Festival – text “lostlands”

Imagine Music Festival – text “imaginefest”

Hulaween Music Festival – text “hulaween” 

If you would like us to consider adding an event to our list, please email with the name / website and any other important information.


In order to spread the word about BUNKBOT, we require dozens of volunteers to hand out flyers and put up stickers / posters at every event we attend. If you would like to help out – shoot us an email at Please title your email with the event name followed by “VOLUNTEER” in all caps. For instance “ELECTRIC FOREST VOLUNTEER”. If you would like to volunteers for multiple events, please send a separate email for each. If you’re volunteering well in advance, you may not hear back from us until right before the event.

Do you feel your hard earned skills could be better utilized by doing something OTHER than handing out flyers? Fantastic. Send an email to explaining how you’d like to help. We’re always looking for skilled professionals in various fields such as web / app developers, graphic artists, lawyers, mental health professionals, physicians, etc. etc..


The BUNKBOT system and related development, services such as text messaging fees, and non-volunteer staff currently cost The Bunk Police in excess of $10,000 per year. At this level we are unable to expand the system to reach additional events. If you are interested in helping us expand this reach by making a financial contribution then please contact