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T-SHIRTS – BLVisuals x BunkPolice

Product Description
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Below you will see our “spectrum” color charts and the booklets they come in. These booklets are the key to nearly all of our testing methods and represent thousands of research hours spread across six countries over the course of nearly half a decade. These charts show you precisely how dozens of substances should react (change colors over time) when using each liquid or “spot test kit.”

The process is as simple as adding the liquid to your sample and matching your color reaction to these spectrums. This reaction occurs from the outside to the inside of the spectrum over sixty seconds. The booklets included with each kit go into much more detail including full instructions / tips / tricks to make sure you get the most precise results possible.

You can even use your smartphone to record the reaction, allowing you to replay it. We also have all of these reactions available to you in HD video form through our Bunkleaks Android app, and also Vimeo.

The spectrums are captured from high definition video of lab verified pure samples reacting with each of our kits.

Bunk Police Spectrum Booklet

Bunk Police Spectrum Booklet Opened


Although these booklets may look a bit complicated at first glance – they’re actually very easy to read once you know how.

When you’re looking at one of our color spectrums or “wheels” as some people call them, what you’re actually looking at are “timelapse” images captured from video of verified pure samples reacting with the test kit featured in that booklet.

These images are HD screen shots, pulled in sequence over the course of a minute, from videos that you can actually watch on Vimeo or our Bunkleaks Android App. That’s right – for every color in your booklet you can actually watch a video in real time on your phone, tablet, or TV while you’re conducting your test. We highly recommend it.

In reading the charts – it’s important to note that the reaction progresses from the outside to the inside. The furthest “cell” from the middle is captured at zero seconds – the exact moment when the liquid hits the sample. The second cell is captured at 1/2 second, then one second, two seconds, three seconds, four seconds, and five seconds. After five seconds we space out the timing a little bit – the next cell after the middle ring is ten seconds, then fifteen, and twenty, and so on until the end of the reaction near the molecule in the middle at 60 seconds.


Simply matching your reaction to the chart isn’t quite the end of what these booklets can do for you. It’s also important to read only the results that actually apply to your sample. For instance, if you’re testing MDMA… you’re not ever going to find DMT in that sample – so why look for it? We’ve made it easy to figure out which reactions matter for your sample and which ones don’t.

The first chart below is a substance symbol key. Each of the symbols represent a mainstream substance – the same substances that most people use our kits to test.

In the next image, you’ll notice lines connecting these symbols (on the right) and the adulterants (on the left.) These lines indicate a connection between the mainstream substance (symbol) and the adulterant. In the next section we’ll put all of this together to show you how this works in practice.

The Bunk Police Substance Symbols

Bunk Police Substance Key


Let’s pretend you were testing MDMA with the Marquis spot kits and the reaction came out as green instead of purple to black like it’s supposed to be. Now we’ll go through and figure out what it could be.

So there are eight green reactions on this page and we need to figure out which one it is. We’ll start with ehtylone. If you look to the page on the left at the top you’ll see ehtylone – notice there’s a green line from ethylone down to the symbol for MDMA. This means we need to be concerned about ethylone, because we just tested MDMA. Now, which other green lines go to MDMA? That’s 2C-B and DXM. Anything else on the chart are not of interest for this test.

*Please note that FENTANYL will not react on spot kits in a useful way unless they are in VERY high concentrations and our Skylab separation kit is used. You should always test for fentanyl with our FentKit strips.*

That leaves us with just 2C-B and Ethylone because DXM does not have a green reaction. Let’s say the green reaction started out light green, and then at 15 seconds the color turned medium green. This follows the sequence for 2C-B and we now have our most likely answer.

Bunk Police Spectrum Booklet Example


“Non-reactions” are when a substance does not react at all – either staying clear or staying the original color of the test kit liquid.

If you’re testing, for example, suspected cocaine with the Marquis kit then you should not see a reaction. This is useful as many substances that can be mixed with cocaine will react with marquis, like methamphetamine and various cathinones. If you see a reaction of any kind then this means that one of these other substances is present in the sample. This applies to many other spot kits / substances and is a very effective tool for identifying mixed substances.


How do Spot (reagent) Kits work?

  1. Take a tiny bit of your pill, powder or paper and place it into the provided test tube. You only need to use a small amount – about 1/10 of a blotter, a very small amount of powder, or a few crumbs scraped off of a pill.
  2. Then add 1-2 drops of the testing liquid from the bottle into the test tube and close the test tube lid.
  3. There is no need to shake or stir the mixture as long as the liquid is in contact with your substance.
  4. A chemical reaction will start immediately and the substance/liquid will change colors.
  5. Match these colors up to the charts on the inside of the accompanying booklet as the reaction is occurring.

How do the Skylab Separation Kits Work?

The Skylab is our most precise method for testing at home. It uses a simple method used widely in chemistry labs to separate your substance before using our spot kits to identify the separated substances. Here’s how it works:

  1. Place your substance on the edge a “card” made of aluminum and silica.
  2. Place that edge in a small amount of our special developing liquid, called an eluent.
  3. That liquid will slowly travel up the card carrying your sample with it. This will separate the different components (cutting agents, etc.) in your sample depending on how well they bond with the silica on the “card.”-Use a black light to see where the components all end up on the card afterwards.
  4. Use the different spot test kits mentioned above to identify them directly on the card.
  5. This process only takes about 15 minutes and it’s incredibly accurate, allowing you to detect even tiny amounts of dangerous substances in your sample.

    Does the Marquis Test Kit test for everything?

    Although it is the most useful of any of our kits, it doesn’t cover everything. In the best case scenario, you would use one or more additional kits to accurately identify your substance.

    Do I need more than one test kit?

    Not necessarily, although it is an excellent idea to use more than one. Following up with one or more kits ALWAYS means that you can be more certain of your results.

    My substance reacted extremely fast, does that mean it is “purer” than normal?

    No. If the reaction skips straight to the final color it’s recommended that you follow up with a different reagent (type of kit) to increase certainty.

    Can I test liquids?

    Yes. Liquids should be placed on a piece of untreated paper and dried before using it in the test kit. A good way to make sure your paper is untreated is to test a plain piece of paper first to make sure it doesn’t react – if it doesn’t, then use a separate piece to put your liquid on, allow it to dry, and then test that.

    Can I test gelatin or other foods?

    Geltabs, or small squares of dried gelatin containing a psychedelic such as LSD can be tested. Just place a very small amount into the test tube. Larger gelatin substances (such as a square of jello) cannot be tested with the spot kits, but can sometimes be separated using the Skylab kit. It’s usually best to avoid these as they are usually used to disguise adulterated substances. Sugar cubes, brownies, cookies, sweet tarts, etc., cannot be tested with the kit as they contain too much foreign material. Again, steer clear of these if possible, and test them on the Skylab kit or send them to the lab if you absolutely need to know.

    What are the “pebbles” or powder inside the jaw my kit came with?

    It’s Vermiculite – a type of expanded clay that is HazMat approved to absorb our bottled chemicals if they spill for some reason. Do not remove this material. It’s a very important safety measure. Do not carry the bottle of liquid in anything other than our plastic jars – especially avoid keeping them in your pocket or bag. They may spill and melt the fabric – possibly causing burns to your skin.

    Can I reuse the test tube that came with my kit?

    Yes. We recommend washing it out with plenty of water and allowing it to dry before using it again.

    How many tests can be performed with each kit?

    Our plastic bottle kits come with 5ml (50 – 100 uses) of testing liquid and our glass bottles come with 10ml (100 – 200 uses)

    Beyond the size difference, is there any reason to use the plastic vs. glass bottles?

    Both have advantages and disadvantages:

    • PLASTIC: These are nearly indestructible, seal incredibly well, and are easy to use (they drip easily.) Unfortunately, they do not last nearly as long as our amber glass bottles as they are clear (allowing UV) and are also dissolvable by the testing liquid itself over time.
    • GLASS: Made from amber glass (UV blocking) and completely resistant to the testing liquid, this is your long-term solution. They do come with their downfalls, however. As compared to the plastic bottles, they are more difficult to open/close and using the built-in dropper can be somewhat tedious at times (shaking it is the key.)

    Do Bunk Police test kits ever expire?

    The expiration dates of our products vary GREATLY depending on the conditions they are kept in. Ideally they should be tightly sealed, upright, and in the refrigerator. There is nothing wrong with keeping them at room temperature or in the shade outdoors (avoid direct light), but just keep in mind that the warmer they become the less time they will last.

    How can I increase the life of my test kits?

    To increase the life of your kits, keep them upright in the jar that they were shipped in. Do not remove the powder inside the jar as it keeps them dry. Keep them in your refrigerator if possible or in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight if not. If your kit is older than six months it’s good practice to test the kit to make sure it’s working, that way you ensure you’re receiving the most accurate results possible.

    I think my kit has expired, how can I test to make sure it is still working?

    Marquis shows its age by slowly turning brown. A light tan color or even a little darker is OK, but you may notice that the reactions take longer if the chemical in the test kit is older / darker in color. Marquis can be tested with Aspirin. Make sure to remove any protective coating from the Aspirin pill before testing and scrape a small amount of the crumbly material into the test tube – it turns red/bright maroon when tested with Marquis. A slow reaction may indicate an aging kit.

    Mandelin should be bright yellow in its fresh state and it shows its age by turning green or possibly other colors over time. It’s very sensitive to air, so make sure that the cap is sealed tightly. Mandelin turns green when it has expired.

    Ehrlich may change different colors with age depending on why it’s degrading (exposure to air, heat, etc.) Because the Ehrlich kit reacts with only a few substances, most of them being illegal, it’s difficult to test at the moment. We’re working on a compound to make this possible. Until then, if it’s changed to a dark color you can assume it has degraded. With the other kits, it’s safe to say that the darker the color of the kit, the older it is. A kit can also “age” much more quickly if it’s exposed to heat.

    Q. How will my package appear upon delivery?
    A. All items ship in plain brown boxes with “Probitas Inc.” as the return address. There will be absolutely no way to tell what the box contains without opening it.

    Q. How will my order appear on my credit card statement?
    A. All orders bill as “Probitas LLC” on your credit card, debit card or paypal statement.

    QWhat shipping companies do you use?
    A. We use UPS for all deliveries.

    QDo you ship to P.O. boxes?
    A. No, but we can easily ship to a UPS store or distribution center near you. There are thousands scattered throughout the U.S..

    QDo you ship to dorm rooms / boxes?
    A. No. See above question for another option.

    Q. How soon after ordering will my order ship?

    A. If you order before 3 pm CST, your order will ship that day.  Any order placed after 3 pm CST will be fulfilled the next business day.  We do not ship orders out on Saturday or Sunday.

    QDo you deliver on Saturdays or Sundays?
    A. No.

    QWhere can I pick up my package if I can’t have it shipped to my residence / etc.
    A. We can ship all of our products to UPS stores or distribution centers. In order to do so, put your normal address in the address space when ordering – in the notes section, please state the address of the UPS store or distribution center you would like it sent to. Some UPS stores charge a $5 fee for pickup.

    QHow long will it take to receive my order in the U.S.?
    A. Orders may take as long as 7 business days domestically (U.S.) – however this is very rare. Around 95% arrive within 3-5 business days (Saturday is not a business day.) Holidays and severe weather may cause delays.

    QHow long will it take to receive my order in a foreign country?
    A. Our $12.95 flat rate shipping option is 6-10 day service, delivery within this timeframe is not gauranteed by UPS and we’ve had packages take a month or longer to some far-flung countries (South America really needs to get their postal system figured out…) That being said, most of these packages are delivered within seven business days. Please contact if your package has taken longer than 15 business days to arrive and we’ll be happy to look into the issue.

    Q. Is expedited shipping available outside of the U.S.?
    A. Yes.

    QCan I make a payment anonymously?
    A. Yes, we accept Bitcoin, anonymous gift card, and other cryptos and cool stuff. Please contact if you have any questions.

    QWhat other payment methods do you accept?
    A. All major credit cards. We’re open to other payments as well. Have a question? Contact

    QWhat is Bitcoin? How do I use it?
    A. If you are completely unfamiliar, it will probably involve around an hour of your time to set up your accounts and learn how to purchase Bitcoin to then use on our site. Depending on how you would like to purchase your Bitcoin, you may also have to make a trip to the bank, send cash through the mail or meet someone in person. Also, please note that the price of Bitcoin fluctuates wildly… one Bitcoin today may very well be worth 3/4 of a Bitcoin tomorrow. If you’re still interested and have good reason to use bitcoin instead of cc/debit/paypal, then here are a few resources to help you get started:

    What is Bitcoin?

    Please do not send us questions regarding the purchase or use of Bitcoin. If you have it in your (online) wallet, you can use it on our site.

    QParts of my order arrived damaged. What can I do?
    A. In the rare event of poor quality, damaged, or defective material, please send pictures of the damaged items to within two (2) business days of receiving your order. We stand by our products and will send a replacement in most cases.

    QI want to return some or all of my order. What is the return policy?
    A. Due to the nature of our products, returns are not accepted.

    QI want to exchange some or all of my order. What is the exchange policy?
    A. Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept exchanges.

    International Orders

    Q. Do you ship internationally?
    Absolutely. We’ve successfully shipped to over 100 countries.

    Q. Will my international package arrive?
    A.  YES. We have had a nearly perfect (99%+) track record shipping internationally. That being said, it is always possible that customs in your country will refuse to accept our package. In this case, we will refund your purchase price upon our receipt of the returned goods. We will not, however, be able to refund your shipping.

    Q. Which countries have you had issues with?
    Here is an up to date list of countries that we have had issues with:

    Minor Issues:
    Russia (some packages do not arrive)
    South Africa (some packages take a long time to arrive)

    Major Issues:

    QAm I responsible for taxes, duties and fees associated with the order?
    A. Yes. Any fees, taxes or duties will be your responsibility upon receipt of the package. We have done our best to make sure that they are as low as possible.