There is a limit to how accurate at-home testing can be. Although it can be incredibly effective if used properly, there are some cases where results accurate to the percentage point or better are necessary. This is more than possible at our lab in Spain, and we’re giving you access to the services offered there from wherever you are – worldwide.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You pay for a “code” on this site for the service you require. There are a few to choose from.
  2. As soon as you finish purchasing your code, we send it to or lab in Spain, and then delete it completely from our system (so make SURE you write it down as we won’t have it anymore.)
  3. Why do we do this? So you can stay anonymous – no matter what happens. Even if someone was to torture us we couldn’t tell them who paid for or sent a specific sample. The lab in Spain doesn’t ever receive your name or payment information, so they don’t know either. We call this double blind submission and it’s completely untraceable.
  4. From there, you place your substance in an envelope, write the code on a piece of paper inside the envelope, and send it to our harm reduction laboratory in Barcelona, Spain. (For the sake of anonymity – don’t put a return address on the envelope.)
  5. Once it arrives the chemists at our lab will use the code to make sure you paid for a test (we send them the codes once they’re purchased) and then conducts the tests that you’ve paid for. When they have the results, they’ll post them to our results page using the code as an identifier. That way when you open our results page you’ll be able to use your code to identify your results!