This guide is intended to be used in situations where a Test Kit is not available.

Please arm yourself with this powerful tool to insure the maximum safety and legitimacy possible.

The VAST majority of MDMA pills tested since our inception have been BUNK. In some cases, we’re finding alarming substances such as methamphetamine, BZP, TFMPP, mCPP and 5-MeO-DIPT among others. MDMA will not press into a pill by itself, so at the very least every pressed pill has some sort of binder mixed in. This makes it much easier to hide additional cutting agents in the final product. Manufacturing a lie in pill form is this easy:


Crystalline MDMA is like any other crystalline substance – take diamonds for instance. Identifying impurities (or grading) a diamond is easy when it’s in crystalline form; a skilled gemologist can even do it visually. However, if you take that same diamond and crush it into a powder, identification becomes impossible without chemical analysis.

DEMAND CRYSTALLINE – don’t settle for mystery powder.

MDMA in Crystalized Forms

Crystalline MDMA


Make sure that your sample is as uniform as possible if it is in powdered or a smaller-grain form. Any presence of different particle shapes or colors may indicate that the sample has been cut with another substance.


MDMA, in its crystalline form, is somewhat translucent – but is almost never 100% clear. Be very skeptical if the sample has complete clarity as this is much more common in other substances like methamphetamine and certain cathinones. In powders, look for a refraction of light or “crystalline shimmer.” Be suspicious of samples that lack this shimmer or have a dull appearance.

MDMA Identification Photo

This powder is too fine and has a dull appearance.


Highly refined MDMA is a relatively translucent white. Avoid anything yellow, red, green or brown at all costs. This may signify a sub-par manufacturing process or adulteration.


MDMA in its crystalline form has a chunky or blocky structure, but does not have sharp or squared edges. Avoid flat, long crystals and especially “needle shards” or long, thin structures. These could very easily be MDPV or Methamphetamine.


This is an example of pure MDMA in its most common form. Larger chunks are preferable to this fine powder.


MDMA is relatively bitter with a lavender or licorice hint to it. However, the taste does disappear within 30 seconds. If the sample is overwhelmingly bitter or the flavor lasts for over 45 seconds, beware. A light licorice smell is also very common.

Although this seems obvious, it should be noted that MDMA is not sticky, wet or syrupy. It should be completely dry to the touch in any form.






When using our basic test kit, a pure sample will turn a deep purple to black in less than 3 seconds.

We would like to point out that the Bunk Police organization does not encourage or condone the use of illegal substances. However, if you are going to participate in such activities, please be sure of what you’re taking. Your mind and body hang in the balance.