This guide is intended to be used in situations where a Test Kit is not available.

Please arm yourself with these powerful tools to insure the maximum safety and legitimacy possible.

LSD Hoffman Blotter

Crystalline LSD is invisible to the naked eye unless you are dealing with hundreds or thousands of doses. It also lacks a smell and taste unless it is very concentrated. As you might imagine, these characteristics make it extremely difficult to identify.



A normal LSD blotter is around 1/4 inch square and and 3-5 times the thickness of a dollar bill. This will hold an active dose of LSD (as little as 20 micrograms) but an active dose of most other substances will not fit as they are active at much higher levels. Many of these substances will come on wider and thicker blotter paper and even sponge in some cases.

DOB LSD Blotter

Too large and too thick: DOB blotter

“If it’s larger than 1/4 inch square, beware”


Legitimate LSD blotter will be tasteless in the vast majority of cases. It is possible for there to be enough LSD on a blotter to taste slightly metallic or bitter – however this is extremely unlikely. Therefore, if it tastes bitter, fruity, or like anything at all, there is a good chance that the active substance is not LSD.

*A common misconception is that the ink on blotter is what makes it taste bitter. This is technically possible, but very rare. DO(x) and 25(x)-NBOMe chemicals also taste bitter – so why would you take a chance if it ‘s LSD you’re trying to identify?

“If it’s bitter, it’s a spitter”



Again, LSD is tasteless unless it is highly concentrated – as in more than would normally fit on a blotter or in a drop of liquid. Liquid LSD is usually a mixture of the crystalline substance and either distilled water or alcohol, which both lack a bitter flavor. If your sample has a taste, especially a bitter one, it may indicate the presence of another substance.


Properly refined LSD is colorless, as are distilled water and alcohol. If the liquid sample has a color to it, this is an indication that it may be adulterated with another substance or that the LSD used was quite unrefined.


A mixture of LSD and distilled water or alcohol is relatively thin. If the sample is thick or syrupy, this is an indication that there are large amount of another substance dissolved into the liquid. It is very unlikely that this substance would be LSD due to the very low dose required.


LSD is active when swallowed – this is not the case with other substances being sold as LSD. For instance, 25(x)-NBOME is only available to your system through certain membranes. What this means is that in order for you to feel the effects, you have to take it in a very specific way – Bucally (holding it under your tongue or in your mouth) – Insufflation (snorting it, in liquid or powder form) or inhalation (smoking powder / powder mixed with plant material or inhaling a vaporized liquid.) If you are instructed to do ANY of these things when being sold “LSD” there is no question that you are being sold an impostor.

*A special note – DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES smoke 25(x)-NBOME. This is a sure ticket to the hospital or morgue.


LSD comes in a variety of other forms, such as geltabs, microdots and sugar cubes.

Types of LSD

Geltab – Microdot – Sugar Cube

These forms of LSD could be made up of any number of substances and are very difficult to identify without further testing.







To Be SURE Test It

LSD Test Kit

When using this kit, the sample will turn a bright purple in around 5 seconds if it contains LSD.

Basic Test Kit

This test kit is capable of screening LSD samples for DOC, DOI and DOB.

We would like to point out that the Bunk Police organization does not encourage or condone the use of illegal substances. However, if you are going to participate in such activities, please be sure of what you’re taking. Your mind and body hang in the balance.