Dropping The Price of Fentanyl Strips

We think these simple strips have the capability of saving more lives through harm reduction than we ever imagined possible. The most effective fentanyl strips (by far) are manufactured by BTNX – a Canadian forensics company specializing in urinalysis. To bring the cost of the strips down for the harm reduction community, we purchased a substantial quantity from them at once – many of which we will be giving away. Because of this we can now drop the price for everyone 20% from what BTNX is offering. Now, here’s where it gets good – the more people that join us in our future orders from BTNX, the lower the unit price will go. If we’re able to reach 100,000 units ordered at one time then BTNX will work with us to design new packaging specifically for harm reduction use.

Help us drop the price. Help us improve this product.

Help us spread the word about this invaluable tool for the harm reduction community.

Thank You.

If you have any questions about ordering in bulk please contact bunkpolice@gmail.com. We’ll match or beat any advertised price on the market.