Hello – I’m Adam Auctor – an eagle scout from Texas, a huge nerd, and the CEO of this company.

Let me tell you a little about the origins of The Bunk Police.

In 2011, I had a near death experience. I’m not going to go into detail, but it had nothing to do with drugs… and as I laid in a hospital bed wondering if this was the end of the road, my perspective changed forever.

I made it out of the hospital towards in May 2011. A few friends and myself had been planning all year to attend the Wakarusa music festival, and, being the nerd that I am, I did a bunch of research online before the show. I came across something I’d never heard of before: drug testing kits. There were police supply kits for everything under the sun – from PCP to LSD and beyond. With the thought that these might be able to help a few people, I spent some of my very scarce funds on a few dozen of each from a forensics supply company.

I was finishing up my last year of college at the time – and my marketing degree with a minor in Mandarin (Chinese) was just about to land me a respectable nine to five job working in the booming Chinese economy. I would do well, likely very well, but something was missing. Lining my pockets selling Chinese goods seemed like an empty pursuit at this point – and after my brush with mortality – – – I desperately wanted to have a positive impact on this world before I left it.

Here I am with the (not so Bunk) Police. We’ve asked dozens of officers all over the world what they think of our test kits. 10 out of 10 would prefer you be safe and not become a whacked-out naked dude that they have to deal with.

As soon as we pulled into our camping spot, I let the people around me know I had kits available and started testing for free. “Molly” was just hitting the market at the time – pure MDMA powder – however the test results weren’t matching up. They all led me to the same conclusion: these were cathinones, or as many people know them – – – bath salts. I also tested dozens of LSD, cocaine, and ketamine samples. Most of it came up negative for the advertised substance. After I ran out of tests, people kept coming. The word had spread like wildfire and people were desperate to find out what they had. I realized that these kits had the potential to help people stay out of the hospital, or even the morgue. If law enforcement could do it, why couldn’t we? I went straight back home and invested every dime I had – $500 – on police spec cocaine, LSD, ketamine, meth, heroin, and MDMA kits and a ticket to my first official event – Bonnaroo – and The Bunk Police was born. Most rational people think that running a vigilante drug testing service isn’t… well, let’s just say that most of my friends wouldn’t even consider coming with me. If I’m completely honest, they all thought I had lost my mind. So I went alone. Bonnaroo went well enough that I decided to tour the country that summer, setting up without permission and offering tests for donation. I don’t balk in saying that the reaction was not unlike a revolution, and I was enthralled. Every day I would sit there under the Bunk Police pink tent from sun up until sundown sorting out question marks for the masses. I even slept underneath it so people could wake me up if they had something particularly dangerous. There was a revolving crowd of ten to as many as fifty people watching me test drugs, all day, live for the world to see.


The now famous pink Bunk Police tent turned into something I hadn’t expected… a market for clean substances and a place to shame those selling Bunk ones. When I say market, I mean that. Dealers were hawking their wares to everyone whose substance didn’t test correctly, and there was not a damn thing I could do about it. If I told them to leave they would just wait around the corner. Sketchy doesn’t even begin to cover it. By the time the summer was halfway over I had gained a massive amount of trust and the internet was buzzing about this initiative. In fact, I had become the barometer for the drug market at festivals. I was personally deciding what the masses were taking. This was definitely a step in the right direction, but it was becoming more and more dangerous with every event as the word spread. Dealers with impure substances were losing customers left and right… and I was the cause. Suffice to say, they weren’t happy. I was constantly hearing about fights going on around me and there was another catch: nobody was donating. I was losing more and more money with each passing event. Despite these issues, I had made my decision – this was how I was going to make my mark on the world. If nobody would donate, fine. Why use my degree to market cheap Chinese crap anyways? The Bunk Police would be my brand and substance test kits my product. So I made the hardest decision of my life – I dropped out of college and spent my last semester’s student loans finishing the summer strong and spreading the word at as many events as I could. Despite the fact that I was going broke, I still offered free testing and continue to ask for nonexistent donations. This was my marketing plan – prove that testing kits were valuable and then come back the following year with a product. The masses didn’t need me to sort out their business for them – they needed an education and a tool. This, my friends, was the humble beginning of The Bunk Police. I took the $2,000 I had left over from my student loans after the summer and bit the bullet. I told my conservative parents about my plan, hired a lawyer and a chemistry consultant, then quietly set up shop… in my hometown of Houston, Texas. Arguably one of the most straight-laced cities in America. It wasn’t exactly ideal, but I didn’t have a choice… and I was going to make this happen if it killed me. By January 2012 we were selling marquis test kits online with a full spectrum including all of the adulterants I had seen the summer before. Soon, we added Mandelin and Ehrlich. These kits weren’t just for ecstasy pills like some that had come before. They were for EVERYTHING. By February of that same year I was eating ramen noodles and wishing I hadn’t been such a fool as to leave my education in the dust. This was one of my many opportunities to back out. It looked bleak. Although we had a following, it wasn’t like what I had seen at events over the summer. Sales were slow and I was hiding the fact that I was down to under $100 in my bank account. I absolved at this point to do whatever had to be done – even if I had to live in poverty and risk prison for this – I would. Since then, over years of hard work, many nights sleeping in my car, and dozens upon dozens of trips across the U.S. and overseas – – – I’ve watched my creation grow from just a pink tent and a dream to a multinational company. We now have distribution centers in Denver, Colorado and Ljubljana, Slovenia. We’re also a large part of a groundbreaking research facility in Barcelona, Spain. I can proudly say that The Bunk Police is a massive success: Over 100 news articles and multiple television segments have been released about us. Our documentary “What’s In My Baggie?” has earned over 1,000,000 views. We have shipped test kits well over half of the countries on the planet.

To all who have supported us since that first weekend in 2011.

Thank you.

-=Adam Auctor=- CEO – Probitas Inc. (U.S.) – Veritas Inc. (Europe) – THE BUNK POLICE